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Hi!  Reverend Mary M here (aka Mary Elizabeth Micari)
I am a singer of many types of music, a voice teacher, designer and healer.
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 I am also very ill.

I have been singing since I am 6 pretty seriously.  For a long time I was working in live theater, singing Opera and teaching voice.

I also did a lot of work designing and doing hair and make up for film and TV as a support job.

Five years ago I got very sick. I developed an auto immune disease called RA or Rheumatoid Arthritis.  RA attacks the linings of the joints and eventually the joints themselves.  At first I was totally crippled.  I was unable to move much, had no use of my hands, couldn’t walk at all and was in a great amount of pain.  I was tested and told I had this disease.  When the Doctor he said, “I am so sorry…but you have RA”.  I was medicated and helped some and gained back some movement.  It really didn’t help and although I gained back some movement I was constantly in pain.   I was told that RA can attack every joint in the body.   The voice box (or Layrnx) is actually a joint and RA had found a home there too!  Horrible! I was unable to sing for about a year because of the pain and then the lack of strength to get any good tone.  I worked very hard and slowly I began to sing and teach again.  I soon realized singing Opera and working in any way doing film or live theater backstage or on set was out.  I knew I couldn’t stand on a stage and could only stay up long enough to get a short song out.  I began to imagine what I could do…with the voice I now had which had changed due to the illness and the medications.  I decided to start recording in my home to just document the sound of my voice in case I were to lose it.  With the help of my son and a guitar mic (it was all we had then) I got a lot of songs recorded for myself.   Slowly I had changed my way of singing so I could do standards in lower keys and had a breakthrough!  I began to focus my singing on softer music to heal my voice and it responded!  I found blues exciting and found new ways to sing old songs from my repertory.  Opera as well!

I discovered that there is NO CURE for RA and I am looking at a long road of pain, joint replacement and more.  I was lucky and I found much help in the Alternative Medical community and because of that I also began taking courses in Reiki, Herbalism, Sound Healing and now Homeopathy.  I teach now using both my well tried singing techniques and mixing in healing techniques.  I work with other singers who are  facing difficulties as well as those who are blessedly healthy as a path to my own healing.  I do not charge a large sum for this work and I can only handle a certain amount of students.  

I am now better and my desire to sing and keep my voice is at its height!  Two years ago as I was climbing up this mountain and  I recorded what was a new voice!  “The Musements” album is the result of that.  It is a live compilation of work I did for the first three years of my illness.  All of the songs on it have great meaning to me.  

I didn’t put the songs up for purchase because I was unable to pay for the rights to the songs I used.  I was and still am doing a lot of covers of old favorites. Those songs are owned by the composers and publishers.  The cost of putting these up is not small.  I will never make any money on this work but want it out there.  I want my son to have something to hear when I am gone and for my grandchildren and my students to hear what I sounded like.

The fear that I will lose my voice is always looming.  I cannot replace it like one can replace a hip.  I will keep working on my music to honor all the work and learning I have gathered in this life time!  These recordings will document that.

I need help.  NOT a lot.  Just any will do!  No amount is too small and all amounts will help! 

HERE’s Why:

I charge a low price for my work as a teacher and cannot return to my ‘day’ job of being a film and theater make up artist and hair stylist nor am I really capable of the sewing and creating with fabric that costume design takes.  I am disabled and unable to hold down a regular job.  Subway stairs are out and going to work in the morning (RA keeps your joints still for 2-4 hours) is out.

At this time both my husband and I are facing serious health issues.  We earn what we can to survive but there is NO extra for such projects as this.  If I don’t raise it I will never have the chance to be known in any way at all.  All my work will fade away….forever. 

I will use the money raised in this campaign to publish a little album of Standards, Jazz and Pop called “The Musements”.   I will also use it to begin a music video of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” this winter.  

If you help me I will be so very thankful.  I hope you find it in your heart to help make my dream come true after so many years of pain and adversity!
Many blessings return to you!

HELP ME SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!